Getting Started

Kroger currently offers two sets of APIs to accommodate both public consumers and official partners.

Public APIs

Public APIs are available for all clients to build new products, services, or customer experiences that leverage the unique data, functions, and applications of Kroger. To learn more, see Public APIs documentation.


To begin consuming our public APIs, you need to submit a request to register your app. Once you have submitted the request, a member of our developer team will reach out to you with additional details.

After you have completed the app registration process, you're ready to make an API request.

Partner APIs

Partner APIs enable official partners to access strategic functionality and data. Since the needs of our partners determine these APIs, they are not open for public consumption. To learn more, see Partner APIs documentation.


If you would like more information about becoming an official Kroger partner, you can submit a partnership request.

Note: becoming an official partner can take several months and requires both a security assessment of your application and a contractual agreement.